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Instaurare Omnia In Christo Per Mariam
To Restore All Things In Christ Through Mary

I was born into the Catholic Church during the reign of Pope Pius XII and have never been associated with the modern “Catholic Church.” When the changes in the Mass were introduced into my parish, my family stopped attending “church” and opted to stay home and pray the Rosary instead. At the age of 21 I joined a traditional Catholic seminary (the original CMRI) and ultimately was consecrated a bishop.

I have held and will continue to hold to everything that the Catholic Church has taught from Her foundation unto the death of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, in 1958. I reject the false Vatican Council II and her false clergy, and will continue to adhere to all of the truths of faith and morals of conduct that have constituted Catholicism for nearly two thousand years.

The widespread destruction of the truths of our Faith wrought about by Vatican Council II, and the subsequent destruction of the Sacraments, constitute the greatest evil that has ever been visited upon the Catholic Church, in my opinion. One of the results of this “spiritual Armageddon” has been the birth of many Traditionalist Catholic groups, which, unfortunately, instead of providing Catholics with a doctrinal and sacramental refuge from the new “Catholic Church,” have oftentimes merely compounded the errors of Vatican II by adding their own errors to it. The result being that Traditional Catholicism has become akin to purchasing shoes – one can find any color, size and shape desired. This is clearly not the oneness of Catholicism.

Sometimes it seems that the only oneness one finds in Traditional Catholicism is the seeming mad scramble to obtain Holy Orders with reckless disregard of employing the Church's safeguards in this all-important matter. The end result being that many of them, instead of sporting a Roman collar, should in fact be wearing a suit and tie. Here is a very relevant article on this topic: Traditional Catholics - Do Your Clergy Possess Valid Orders?

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Some time ago I was asked by someone to prove the validity of my Holy Orders in a manner that required more than the somewhat superficial “the Old Catholics have valid Orders” answer usually given. For decades I relied on the research of those who preceded me on this topic (in fairness to them, much of the evidence that I've discovered didn't exist back then) and found no cause to question their conclusions. In good faith, I believed my Holy Orders were valid. When I delved deeply into researching this for myself, however, I was stunned to discover that I could not prove validity. I could not establish the Church’s necessary condition of moral certitude regarding the validity of my priestly and episcopal Holy Orders. The evidence for this conclusion can be found here: Bishop Schuckardt - Were His Holy Orders Valid?

I will not live by a double standard. What I have accurately written regarding other traditional clergy being prohibited from functioning with doubtfully valid Holy Orders, I must also apply to myself. Therefore, I have stopped functioning as a clergyman.

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